Paediatric Clinical Trial Logistics

It is easy to understand that that the need to “hope for better” when undertaking participation in a trial can offer a motivator like no other.

That hope must be understood and accompanied by acknowledging the monumental commitment families have made by participating in a clinical trial.  Children in the trial will undoubtedly be accompanied by a parent or caregiver; therefore many factors must be taken into account when organizing travel. Does the parent/caregiver have to juggle work and time off to be able to take the child to the appointments?  What happens with other children, if there are any, with regard to getting to school, etc.? Assuming the other parent, if indeed there is another parent, is working do they need the support of babysitters/childminders, etc.? The juggling to meet appointment schedules and keep family life as regular as possible is exceptionally difficult. In this highly stressful environment the attention to detail must be exacting. Items like waiting for car seats to be fitted into a rental car are added stresses that should be avoided whenever possible. The little details when booking travel make huge differences to the patient experience and in turn retention rates.

Benefits at a Glance

•  Eliminating unnecessary stress
•  Time management
•  No detail too small


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