Corporate Travel

Getting from A to B is not just another cost to be scrutinised and squeezed. It’s how your business reaches out to customers, partners and new possibilities.

Travel is the third highest cost for many companies – so finding value can have a significant impact on the bottom line. But while we are well versed in negotiating the very best rates with airlines, hotel groups and other operators, we also know that effective travel management doesn’t come down to just the price tag.

We have detailed knowledge that covers the world, while our network of partners and trusted suppliers stretches into every corner of the globe, so we’re ready to make recommendations whatever the region or route. Most journeys may be simple, but for those that aren’t, our service is responsive and comprehensive, whether you need a private jet or an emergency connection. And, with Concur, our online booking system, we provide a platform that offers convenience and control in equal measure.

As well as booking, negotiation and administration, we also offer information – with a wide range of tailored reporting options. With the management information EQ Travel provides, you can enjoy close control over expenditure, ensuring that you stay on budget and on policy.

Our Corporate Travel Management services include:

• Flight reservations – including low cost and web carriers
• Rail travel reservations, Amtrak, across the UK, European and Eurostar networks
• Hotel reservations and apartment rental
• Car rental reservations
• Online booking facilities
• A 24-hour emergency contact staffed by the EQ team
• Ancillary services such as chauffeur hire, currency, ferries, passports and visas, airport parking, aircraft charter and private jet hire
• Personalised travel management reports
• Information and risk management reporting

Let’s work together

Our biggest success stories are written in partnership with our clients – because it’s only when we truly understand needs and share goals that we can do our best work.