Corporate Car Rental

We have all experienced that frustrating moment. You disembark from a long, arduous flight – often in the shape of a seven-hour overnight trip – and trudge wearily to the car rental booth, only to discover your reservation doesn’t exist, or the car rental fee doesn’t include $300 in “extras,” or the only car left is a two-door 2005 Ford Taurus. With a manual transmission.

The key to relieving this travelling angst is by implementing corporate car rental management. These agreements can facilitate considerable cost savings and provide time-saving benefits to travellers.  When negotiating, we can stipulate insurance requirements e.g. companies own / car rental vendors insurance and what extras will be included / permitted. This speeds up the time it takes at the car rental desk.  Most car rental vendors also have travel loyalty programmes which can be utilised in conjunction with the company’s corporate agreement.  These programmes allow the traveller to store personal data e.g. driving license details / address etc., which in turn allows travellers to use express pick up services, they can in effect just “turn up and go.”

Travelling is stressful enough, and the need to have a smooth, carefree, no-hassle trip need not be put in jeopardy by a bad experience at a car rental booth. And it’s an experience that can grow to unbearable proportion when you have an hour to get to an important meeting across the city and no car at your immediate disposal. Corporate car rental management is the key to a quick and comfortable ride. The car you want, when you want it.

Our Corporate Car Rental Management Services include:

  • Negotiate insurance
  • Arrange Travel Loyalty Programmes
  • Facilitate Express Pick-up

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