Long Distance Clinical Trial Logistics

The question often arises from patients; “Are the clinical trials near me?”

In an ideal world, we’d have patients/subjects attend visits at sites local to them and there’d be a plethora of “clinical trials near me” to choose from. This would cut down the travel expectation on the patient and also the cost for the sponsor.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in that ideal world and depending on the study, there may only be only one site or just a handful of sites in play. In these cases, in order to cast our recruitment net as wide as possible, we have to accept that patients may need to travel long distances to their appointments/site visits. Enrolling in a clinical study / trial is daunting enough, but then add in the time commitment, not just at site but to get to and from, and we’re adding barriers into mix. As part of onboarding your study, we’ll examine the protocol and establish the time commitment required onsite. We’ll then make recommendations to how we can make the travel part more appealing, such as travelling to your site city the afternoon before your appointment and staying on site at a local hotel. That way you can wake up in the morning and be conveniently placed for your appointment and, depending on the appointment length, hopefully be travelling home that same afternoon.

We know you, the sponsor, understand the science and the commitment the patient needs to make that work, just as we’re there to understand the travel and how to make it less of a chore to keep patient retention rates high.

Benefits at a Glance

• To be able to work smoothly at one site or multiple sites
• Examining the protocol and time requirements at each site
• Making travel less as a chore

Let’s work together

Our biggest success stories are written in partnership with our clients – because it’s only when we truly understand needs and share goals that we can do our best work.